About Us

The Halal Regulatory Commission (HRC) is an auditing and certification body comprising highly respected individuals in the Muslim community.  We aim for a complete ‘Halal Lifestyle’ for the Muslim consumer not just the consumption of Halal guaranteed food.  We use pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, leather and travel and trade around the world.  At HRC We ensure that the plates for example are not the ‘bone china’ variety that utilise crushed bones in their structure, as part of our auditing processes.

All consumables are now part of a global supply chain and depend upon their constituents from around the world.  As such there is even more requirement to be transparent and comprehensive in auditing and certification.  Our standards are some of the strictest in the world whilst being practical, sustainable and scalable. allowing any company which is serious about Halal to produce Halal.

All our auditors are Muslim auditors, trained and employed by HRC with all our profits and much of our proceeds going to charitable causes.