At the Halal Regulatory Commission, we have a highly qualified and experienced team to undertake comprehensive auditing and surveillance visits whilst working with companies to ensure they meet with our comprehensive written standards.  Our experts include specialists in Islamic Law, ingredients and additives, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health and safety, hygiene, quality control and production.

The Halal Regulatory Commission is determined to ensure that all sites and products audited and certified are Halal and Tayyib (pure) in accordance with Scripture (Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah).  Halal is not just about ingredients as the Muslim consumer expects the highest standards of auditing in management, quality control, hygiene, procurement, storage, transportation, production, and packaging.

With increasing demand for Halal certified products both in Europe and around the world, the Halal Regulatory Commission can ensure your Halal products are both credible and pure.